The matched sneaker body with personalities! The exposure of Beams × Nike snaker!

In 2016, Beams, a fashionable organization in Japan, cooperated with Nike, and together released a sneaker called Air Presto. It is widely loved by many people because of its matched sneaker body by many different colors.

Exposure of the joint sneaker this time

It uses the completely improved React Presto as blueprint, and the sneaker face is matched by orange and white, decorated with black Swoosh. The frame of the sneaker is in pink and green. And the sneaker pad also has very cute cartoon characters. The whole sneaker is bright in color, leaving people a deep impression.

As the improved version of the classic Air Presto, the middle shoe sole is applied with React bradyseism technology. Compared to the previous version, it is more comfortable has a better wearing feeling.

The specific date for sale is not released yet. We will continue to pay attention to this and report to you at the first time.

On the left feet, there wears the Air Presto of 2016

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